I am a keen observer of everything around me, in particular the movement of all things.  My work as a photographer is focused on capturing the energy of people and translating it onto film in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. This work directly parallels my work with Photo Painting… capturing the energy and movement with paint across a canvas and then layering it with glass and painting on top of it, creating energetic relationships between both.  This process of painting, coupled with photographing the image, has provided me with endless creative inspiration in both areas that are meaningful to me, and has allowed me to combine them into one medium of inventive expression.


Michael Ian is a professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience.  Based in New York City, he specializes in corporate portraiture, special events and creative and personal portraits, capturing a range of celebrities, business leaders, diplomats and senior elected officials.  Mr. Ian started out as a fine arts major with painting as his first love, and began his career as an illustrator for The New Yorker magazine, but photography took front and center and he assisted master photographers and learned the craft.  Fortunately, with the digital age, Mr. Ian has been able to marry the two mediums together to create what he calls, PHOTO PAINTINGS, which he has been producing for the last 6 years.  Mr. Ian continues to reside in New York City pursuing his passion of Photo Painting.